Exclude routers/private/tests from air (#29949)

Exclude this and reformat the toml option to multiline.

I wasn't able to get `exclude_regex` to work so it would include a
`tests` directory anywhere. I think that option only works on files.

(cherry picked from commit 3ee39db34efd532626d710de6717bf3c6255c10e)
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silverwind 2024-03-21 03:17:59 +01:00 committed by Earl Warren
parent 01f729f764
commit 6dabb41129
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@ -8,6 +8,15 @@ delay = 1000
include_ext = ["go", "tmpl"]
include_file = ["main.go"]
include_dir = ["cmd", "models", "modules", "options", "routers", "services"]
exclude_dir = ["modules/git/tests", "services/gitdiff/testdata", "modules/avatar/testdata", "models/fixtures", "models/migrations/fixtures", "modules/migration/file_format_testdata", "modules/avatar/identicon/testdata"]
exclude_dir = [
exclude_regex = ["_test.go$", "_gen.go$"]
stop_on_error = true