silverwind ce55a74374
Update JS dependencies (#28537)
- Update all JS dependencies excluding mcaptcha (breaking changes) and
stylelint (plugin not compatible with v16)
- Regenerate SVGs
- Update markdownlint rule names
- Fix one issue of heading in markdown discovered during lint
- Update for monaco options renames
- Fix stylelint rule length-zero-no-unit for custom properties
- Tested editor, swagger, sorting, vue, lint
2023-12-30 05:29:03 +00:00

18 lines
492 B

commands-show-output: false
fenced-code-language: false
first-line-h1: false
heading-increment: false
line-length: {code_blocks: false, tables: false, stern: true, line_length: -1}
no-alt-text: false
no-bare-urls: false
no-blanks-blockquote: false
no-emphasis-as-heading: false
no-empty-links: false
no-hard-tabs: {code_blocks: false}
no-inline-html: false
no-space-in-code: false
no-space-in-emphasis: false
no-trailing-punctuation: false
no-trailing-spaces: {br_spaces: 0}
single-h1: false