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Add spectral linter for Swagger (#20321)
[spectral]( lints
openapi/swagger files for mistakes of which it has identified a few and
which I've fixed.

I had to put it into `lint-frontend` because it depends on node_modules
so can not run on Drone during the backend target. I plan to refactor
these targets later to `lint-js` and `lint-go` so that they are
categorized based on the tool dependencies.
2022-07-11 18:07:16 -05:00

13 lines
274 B

extends: [[spectral:oas, all]]
info-contact: off
oas2-api-host: off
oas2-parameter-description: off
oas2-schema: off
oas2-valid-schema-example: off
openapi-tags: off
operation-description: off
operation-singular-tag: off
operation-tag-defined: off