Loïc Dachary bbdf361393
(cherry picked from commit b07123ee7b441946bdeacf38dfbabde705427f63)
(cherry picked from commit ca85c880b476428b407c30b4b1776b2e008c9330)
(cherry picked from commit 723ead94cb63e8d703f0159a02e2fcaff2f1bb30)
(cherry picked from commit ff148318da221be77813675437026985a19107a7)


(cherry picked from commit e84e43887beae3a2f18afb8ef71fdc17078413bc)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: add scoped access tokens

(cherry picked from commit 688f831853ef179d511cc7594dd23cc46ccef654)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: Scoped labels

(cherry picked from commit 747479a07b3b7b329016337025eddbc82c4073a4)


(cherry picked from commit 10c505fe8941b81824f08e4c6a39d12517c182bc)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: Copy Link is broken

On firefox it fails with Uncaught TypeError: navigator.clipboard is
On chromium it fails with Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'writeText')

(cherry picked from commit 148b2ff093fa87672aa09d09484b7803bbdecc39)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: Copy citation

(cherry picked from commit d0f217735f506d0f4fb414f38860d821cd1925b5)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: Support org/user level projects

(cherry picked from commit de845c7bcf4637f442a612fafb6a663c7dc69473)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: v1.19 has a documentation

(cherry picked from commit 9a5b46da32fa12c32215a0c0a8b233c14a10c9b0)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: do not split webhook section

(cherry picked from commit 00ed02032124ca75644ec2365f054c56d7e68d20)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: Incoming emails

(cherry picked from commit 06c455b33bf39a7595a31a983dbaab7e28795f55)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: secrets are an implementation detail

(cherry picked from commit 8236dc3a573f9cdb892894416268d3a115c77fd1)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: Prohibit fork if user reached maximum

(cherry picked from commit 0f80b8c696ef8c407466605588f341b710a023ab)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: scoped tokens: do not duplicate the docs

(cherry picked from commit 9bc4793c078e115ab5d59fda89fb43765dcb0526)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: rss feed for tags and releases

(cherry picked from commit 599b36fada5f12a3fb4e0eed4f787606af701e46)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: protected branches wildcard

(cherry picked from commit 2b316c495056b9ae9191f51f550eb0a5c76ae6c1)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: disable releases

(cherry picked from commit 9a60773f1dcaf241b43707c2009e0223d0b3eed9)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: review box

(cherry picked from commit 09867dd1220c66c6ad468f9f0a0a22740510f373)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: asciicast support

(cherry picked from commit ea9658379b25f9c1dec487fd5d9139d37735e113)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: attention blocks

(cherry picked from commit 70b387750b2fea65e68aa2b1486ffcfef0dbd2fd)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: commit cross reference

(cherry picked from commit fe706dad13db9f3ad4fd6699b20337712e7a674b)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: strip user completion border case

(cherry picked from commit 33ca51b4b699ba347d395796d80eebab09b1a2f6)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: card preview

(cherry picked from commit 626cd78ca6d2c95dcd90c33d0f9e3e99f48912e7)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: raw copy button

(cherry picked from commit edfb467d64190df7b8056e5ced164678ea5a1ea7)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: allow edits by maintainers by default

(cherry picked from commit 7006405bc6113f4b7acd26d91d1f928022d00bdf)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: database auto migration is a little arcane

(cherry picked from commit 78030fa9af4a05e2092d54e18e7b2dee2037c299)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: fix typos & minor rewording

(cherry picked from commit ae1d47f656df2c11c140095d8710361ebe545af5)
(cherry picked from commit ad08ca9955304663367fa66e8d2097b78bc5b438)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: webhook authorization header

(cherry picked from commit c35e2c4f6f985be5763363ae2b03e5d23378f0d2)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: video element in markdown

(cherry picked from commit bcb0bd51d2114a7f086358b568928c3feeefea57)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: move scoped labels to the documentation

(cherry picked from commit c5eedaf4f398ca232ca65f132d504425dd8ac3ba)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: cosmetic improvements

(cherry picked from commit b93df350d96c0cb8b6b6b924a1dd8af1551f2263)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.19.0-0 is really : 1.19.0-2

(cherry picked from commit 60d770c2c95d841c597f619e73582bbdfcdb0143)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: relevant repositories

(cherry picked from commit de6ed5b87f845bb86f4d3aa4085f373958797ebe)
(cherry picked from commit 71d91fdf22d04cb8d0c88eac87a9a59e1c558bd7)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: semantic version

(cherry picked from commit af062d77f0641426aa048e5975585b01652aea01)


(cherry picked from commit 084713d8aae787e2db76219f29840f006967ff92)
(cherry picked from commit 90ad322a56bd67f717e32e8a1a419033add3655a)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: fix broken link to OIDC mapping

(cherry picked from commit 802a252eb5ddb411574cd7a8c9645fffd88de469)


(cherry picked from commit a605d36ab63cba34770b14e0073ee6b9dbb3b511)


(cherry picked from commit 7b29c90035f243944340952c234e2caec84527e7)
(cherry picked from commit 82799195c9208d43a6c6d8da1fd6f7560f224b09)
(cherry picked from commit 5d9c2e9ec67ea7d39532d61bbf5aed3e1161d669)


(cherry picked from commit c599b2947d9da682da156fad459be76f09bda999)
(cherry picked from commit 8a37027ae78f42f211e179bc4080488485982a87)


(cherry picked from commit 89b9e96cc778a6cc2a063201252e9e2c1042a355)
(cherry picked from commit 2b4e881a4e43ea0ab522e4d8c127a2b4ccdb10d7)


(cherry picked from commit 0c0d2ec46cbc34d42b36af7e4096ee8e149a77ae)
(cherry picked from commit 437b8caae4d3045c00f671758dd287f005805cf6)


(cherry picked from commit 040740917e24c7d97ace3f46723e88163bafb533)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.19.3-0 (fix typo)

(cherry picked from commit 24516cb22ab3768d076d5da87afa5f135e4409da)
(cherry picked from commit 429c8e652549072d0c695b7c3e7c9f447aea8b5b)
(cherry picked from commit 8247bddb45de2e5a275551d50a84ccfe5cc28e7d)
(cherry picked from commit d77d7b7be72d0de250d97cdedb9381a1cdc1562e)
(cherry picked from commit a64c899b1dde2ebeb620569b16cf982eb519e475)
(cherry picked from commit 0803eaa2e3b470f866e48fde7c6253666bfc5982)
(cherry picked from commit 8538f2897e49027e6f30e477401a97ddf22beb5b)
(cherry picked from commit 45b9037d3c0c243ffaab84b22d89e00371a2851e)
(cherry picked from commit 928705f8701cb2736c8bd8de688d60345f80f991)
(cherry picked from commit 19e683468c5bfaef5dc4c4a7cedbbdff3af7691c)
(cherry picked from commit 5ae55e8e347c015ca5ce50e10f49d2d509d070fa)
(cherry picked from commit 7c224d84cf1de8ce566533cbab48572735fce8ef)


(cherry picked from commit 3fbcdd235b67c2292162949b1fd24e4fe1a55753)
(cherry picked from commit e7a621acae5ce34c91db41848a4a2bc3e1fae6f6)
(cherry picked from commit 70adac6d6659de22a87f2bdbee7297f677fc7b51)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0-0-rc0 (squash) rewording

(cherry picked from commit 1b79fab57d370f65b1a22fdec264889044d6ec17)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0-0-rc0 (squash) time

(cherry picked from commit cfd599a13224f3413abf7e75859224f4e48a3028)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0-0-rc0 (squash) wiki

(cherry picked from commit 6aa2ab41c60af2bb348971bd5e1110f7abf98727)

pick changes from #829

(cherry picked from commit f5995981015fda2d012597aacfddb62d2b328230)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0-0-rc0 (squash) ui

(cherry picked from commit 5f0aa769b1691b0f12273d8e48ffda67fbe0ed02)


(cherry picked from commit d1e788ff4e3eeb9cb07cfc7ceb682b7d8414ab89)


(cherry picked from commit 088d4b2d61b6c8210cde54a1e001860d2ec0cebc)

Mirror Settings

(cherry picked from commit 161412affd711b6a6ea4e3284d791137c69a6e6a)


(cherry picked from commit 10cb0379e2c557d43ce17ef3153e877684605a58)

fix typo

(cherry picked from commit aee096b04098b5a2ecaa75a40701ea7ddf4ad022)


(cherry picked from commit 0d4e0bb4a973f7bd2f6653ff18f2f0830d04da18)


(cherry picked from commit b76a3c1a84333699c292f33027a80099587322ff)
(cherry picked from commit 4c354196c2202a1f0b3635ad741ad66cbe1989ab)
(cherry picked from commit 6323c6d1a28272f4694e9b213c25164ba1d03312)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) Woodpecker CI archive repository

(cherry picked from commit 154ee5bc9c8a91980db646ce6f17da55445a111c)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash)

(cherry picked from commit 656f95544814cfcd6bd28e01e2baf5a524d4a273)


(cherry picked from commit 85bd99717683c53cbf133989a20323a7c4f993a9)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.19.4-0 (squash) fix typo

(cherry picked from commit e5c364c586ef4b848b91a855ce62291780c37307)
(cherry picked from commit c123048e51a42167ade8feeba09c69d24f6ba5f6)
(cherry picked from commit ad2fedb6931df445b4a54a776144862ce78e023a)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) blog

Pick changes from

(cherry picked from commit c8068a9d7b93abbbc852a307f48dda0aef40db86)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) Gitea release notes


(cherry picked from commit dd58b50403894f84936e26680ce6791f045358e5)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) commits

git log --no-merges --oneline 64ed262e1..gitea/release/v1.20 . ':(exclude,glob)docs/**' ':(exclude)' ':(exclude)MAINTAINERS' ':(exclude,glob).github/**' ':(exclude)' ':(exclude,glob)options/locale/**' ':(exclude,glob)options/license/**' ':(exclude,glob)snap/**' ':(exclude).drone.yml' ':(exclude)custom/conf/app.example.ini'

9159964ad Avoid opening/closing PRs which are already merged (#25883) (#25903)
9369b3831 Skip unuseful error message in dev mode when watching local filesystem (#25919) (#25927)
6e82d0bb7 Add shutting down notice (#25920) (#25922)
36b9a86bd Fix incorrect milestone count when provide a keyword (#25880) (#25904)
de8127e78 fix incorrect repo url when changed the case of ownername (#25733) (#25881)
de8127e78 fix incorrect repo url when changed the case of ownername (#25733) (#25881)
186f07bbf Make `add line comment` buttons focusable (#25894) (#25896)
45b1f4dd3 Add support for different Maven POM encoding (#25873) (#25890)
026e745b9 Fix incorrect release count (#25879) (#25887)
c334be828 Fix empty project displayed in issue sidebar (#25802) (#25854)
353dcc5ad Fix the error message when the token is incorrect (#25701) (#25836)
abe9c641c Show correct SSL Mode on "install page" (#25818) (#25838)
052e65e63 Fix incorrect oldest sort in project list (#25806) (#25835)
c1a10be07 Fix activity type match in `matchPullRequestEvent` (#25746) (#25796)
2b79d3fd5 For API attachments, use API URL (#25639) (#25814)
b4460cf54 Make "install page" respect environment config (#25648) (#25799)
a1bc2aa05 Avoid amending the Rebase and Fast-forward merge if there is no message template (#25779) (#25809)
d713cf615 Fix WORK_DIR for docker (root) image (#25738) (#25811)
012b804a9 Clarify "text-align" CSS helpers, fix clone button padding (#25763) (#25764)
372b622c2 Revert package access change from #23879 (#25707) (#25785)
06bcdfe77 Remove unused code (#25734) (#25788)
a5a3c8141 Fix notification list bugs (#25781) (#25787)
ea2c9de3c Test if container blob is accessible before mounting (#22759) (#25784)
348a6bf70 Always pass 6-digit hex color to monaco (#25780) (#25782)
91dadeddd Translate untranslated string in issues list (#25759) (#25761)
32eaba1b4 Hide `add file` button for pull mirrors (#25748) (#25751)
917ca5ded Several fixes for mobile UI (#25634) (#25689)
e595dfeec Allow/fix review (approve/reject) of empty PRs (#25690) (#25732)
03cacf971 Check `ctx.Written()` for `GetActionIssue` (#25698) (#25711)
68e0c802f Show correct naming for 1 comment (#25704) (#25712)
09668b2e2 Correct permissions for `.ssh` and `authorized_keys` (#25721) (#25730)
04eea29ec Fix tags header and pretty format numbers (#25624) (#25694)
511be9fe6 Fix position of org follow button (#25688) (#25692)
24e64fe37 Replace `interface{}` with `any` (#25686) (#25687)
4e310133f Prevent duplicate image loading (#25675) (#25684)
491f36d32 Actions list enhancements (#25601) (#25678)
5510ed34f Fix the nil pointer when assigning issues to projects (#25665) (#25677)
39fce5750 Prevent SVG shrinking (#25652) (#25669)
1f9037604 Fix show more for image on diff page (#25672) (#25673)
0af6542a3 Add unit test for repository collaboration (#25640) (#25658)
69bdcf41f Log the real reason when authentication fails (but don't show the user) (#25414) (#25660)
e610b0389 Fix UI misalignment on user setting page (#25629) (#25656)
13ffa287b  Fix bug of branches API with tests(#25578) (#25579)

(cherry picked from commit 3e9e862e5ed30e82f3b4da1b14f7865fb05464e4)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) reorder breaking

(cherry picked from commit 4e4cdddc5549caa62629955b3803fcf808219c2e)

address rome-user review

(cherry picked from commit 8791fe88b1653ce536ba0596b2defcc6d80fbff1)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) reword breaking

- removed the section about the changed themes: it is an internal
detail and redundant with the above warning regarding themes &

(cherry picked from commit b34e9a7b19e445639144a4cd5371ae23cf0dc77d)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.0 (squash) minor rewording

The CI & Actions sections were grouped together.

(cherry picked from commit ed236e1ee89eeecfaee28fe44e738dc2d96592b3)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.1-0 (squash)

(cherry picked from commit 3c11eb1de542e2c56446108aec9b3b4d3cb8c117)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.1-0 (squash) Forgejo features/optimizations

(cherry picked from commit c516fd0c7a8251420b5fdbc1e27083ae8a552560)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.1-0 (squash) fix typo in Alpine version

(cherry picked from commit 1c2a5b516203db744364387e6d5673c65341f8ac)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.1-0 (squash) comment out obsoleted queue keys

(cherry picked from commit 8c0d9459c5e1fde85bb6e728e53ce137a87dd69d)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES: 1.20.1-0 (squash) WORK_PATH breaking change

(cherry picked from commit f4ea3b27f51fb2ecfb9d08bb3547fea067afa766)
(cherry picked from commit 0557568f613fe072df32c1620bb7e0e060bdd71a)

[DOCS] (squash) obsolete queue `app.ini` keys

(cherry picked from commit e0c943ac3bbd7779c56e77225829eb3ce46b6c93)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.2-0

(cherry picked from commit f2c654d1c8f0ed983db7374936962753f430523b)

[DOCS] (squash) fix LFS issue link

(cherry picked from commit 2461355f2a372229b41a2326ac50bfc7c26a3244)
(cherry picked from commit 750652d75ab408736a2b3be77404163087f98a4e)
(cherry picked from commit 6899dbdc118da8cbae2f986f1601ae228926c4e5)
(cherry picked from commit 88b988d08447d46010e885f703c3890c252e200e)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.3-0

(cherry picked from commit d566e78d68e79af56a1ed40e25e95f8ad612790c)
(cherry picked from commit 65439eafa43683b304606a06b7c1bbed6f2bdbe9)
(cherry picked from commit a76cc5b8bcbcefc7a54ee9b0381dcb54cb3fe5bf)
(cherry picked from commit b4e1ad6020ccb107da6e005af3a1bf182d735930)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.4-0

(cherry picked from commit 8a910c0c339faa59d46a6d838b5614b6f04a5e61)

[DOCS] (squash) link to upgrade docs

(cherry picked from commit d4e9030873d2a3ae6dd379837aa1026a30a50aa2)
(cherry picked from commit 7da7b9cef4711fab8a35e477743b6fdc8cce70ce)
(cherry picked from commit 73b64ea8959ec6f5fd6be666d47b546cc523d9cf)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.4-1

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.0-0

(cherry picked from commit e618ea55a54f5cfbd593f8c06be5d94bc0ba69ef)
(cherry picked from commit f3ee9864160ba4120f1fd10c0b4d4925970e4b1a)

[DOCS] (squash) 1.20.5-0

(cherry picked from commit ce5541c78b42cfd441f4af7db004a3fa3af493b5)

[DOCS] (squash) 1.20.5-0 is a security release

(cherry picked from commit 5dd66c06e3aa24d355f0cba7a24ecd6ec43b2021)

slug of the blog post changed

(cherry picked from commit fc5b52049f8f2e2271ef41a633efe3b7f04d05e7)

apply caesar rewording suggestions

(cherry picked from commit 59e9648b7114121fca92c0ba5eb92272b1c45643)

[DOCS] (squash) typo

(cherry picked from commit e8daead2a16303d59d33d0287427cf0428fa8453)
(cherry picked from commit 8af0a2007df9f08c71c79cbb1a55d03fbf499dfa)
(cherry picked from commit 329a04e094b4981d29d0c2e989bb24c77212229b)
(cherry picked from commit 216a62de3093b7bb0f7f163292acd682e933ca49)
(cherry picked from commit 855440d4b3634b99bd164cd1aa7bb70151f465d2)
(cherry picked from commit 6cb87ca0fe026cc0cbffc458c969deb4eba4363a)
(cherry picked from commit d2bf04bfa34b5dc7b2b26735087c9ee3f5324546)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.0-0

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.0-0 new features (UI split)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.0-0 complete release notes.

(cherry picked from commit cd0fbfc8ede694b41b1c8672a0f47a8aaaae473b)

RSA keylength 3072 is a breaking change

(cherry picked from commit ac6defb51595d571904ab9e558353ba9bf649836)

new features chroma update from 2.7.0 to 2.9.1

(cherry picked from commit ffd249070aa7f0d563b5d0de65791be4f45b9813)

new features go-enry/linguist update from v7.25.0 to v7.27.0

go-enry 2.8.6

(cherry picked from commit 1e72c0608f64123ac03d1a5b955511ad2cfaa50f)

add links to documentation for new features

(cherry picked from commit ab0ff5d2d03ba582fc5cd72090f985ceb8024ebb)

v1.21.0-9 will be the release number

(cherry picked from commit afed47fa40b853be74b679ce25510fbf2234d0a2)

links to go-enry & chroma releases to measure the gap

(cherry picked from commit deb7645550d526fe523c5fbd894c9160c8aa76b8)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.5-1

(cherry picked from commit ab1556628deaa39bd6d1779529702ad3531d8edf)


(cherry picked from commit fd672635b22ab25d05d3cd74dd7c956e2768c6c4)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.6-0

(cherry picked from commit 90ddda34135f5672eb30639afe44c09753a0129d)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.1-0

(cherry picked from commit 079d4fdca16f3b642fccb2d927c89c2f6dd75b20)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.1-0

(cherry picked from commit f3d15ef97c565fe0b75f3359e1a208e649aa8cd2)
(cherry picked from commit 881b438f2d1fa57ed18e41b1cd2c1cd9e4f094f8)
(cherry picked from commit 6080cf05c921ba77530cecee0fc113a43e1ac07b)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.2-0

(cherry picked from commit 9f4ca4cdf99a2c192f1541f1a982f86545c93514)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.2-0

(cherry picked from commit 363477855e11eca01d05d2e677281365d3f9431e)

[DOCS] (squash) move customized files

make it more prominently visible

(cherry picked from commit 6c992b5d93820058087355bb973457e026d56a04)

[DOCS] (squash) API pull/issue breaking change

(cherry picked from commit a8cbc2deb85fdf5b7fd51ac006e98bcc5a2a8685)
(cherry picked from commit 58657fff8600a0612d770bfd754b6e6f627af82f)
(cherry picked from commit ecf8b1531ba86fe76c71148b8fd872c196a0fcab)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.2-1

(cherry picked from commit 1d24c09f4977e43f002f591db0183236160344d6)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.6-1

(cherry picked from commit 8821315c337d37672ee7aa16c026aa53e3a428fb)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.20.6-1 reorder

(cherry picked from commit 9159916fa19d538ae23b7c93db226f4e90acc6cb)
(cherry picked from commit 165099c0c6f915fb147848faced2519fd155d08b)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.3-0

(cherry picked from commit 5e1d37b76ce9c20cc6f6db42292c3e938a1f15f8)

[DOCS] (squash) v1.21.3-0

Reword the security fix description.

(cherry picked from commit 142bed073d3aed71c8d002be98056163912be267)
(cherry picked from commit cff9b5db4aa75e9fb28d349a8d90b8ed910e62d2)

[DOCS] RELEASE-NOTES (squash) mention addition of  `auth-required` in Cargo registry

I'm including this under bug fixes even though it was labelled as an
enhancement upstream because stabilization of private registry
authentication predates the introduction of this change. Feel free to
change the category if you don't think this assessment is appropriate.

(cherry picked from commit 1057df6db53faf61f38714f6d7b39d41718334d0)
(cherry picked from commit 566c32bdf6be42d0874b64ce73a36c3316ab5f82)
(cherry picked from commit 45f5657cdc8d031f7cc859dd49fca828e987097e)
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forgejo-v1.18.0-rc1-2-landing.jpg [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-citation-dialog.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-citation-link.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-note-warning.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-oidc-part1.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-oidc-part2.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-raw-copy-after.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-raw-copy-before.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19-relevant.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00
forgejo-v1.19.0-0-rc0.png [DOCS] 2024-02-05 14:44:32 +01:00