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import botonJugarImg from "./assets/boton_jugar.png";
import larretaImg from "./assets/Millonario Malo.png";
import fondoImg from "./assets/CieloRioCalle.png";
import edificiosImg from "./assets/Edificios.png";
import jugadorxImg from "./assets/ProtagonistaCorriendo_1.png";
import baldosaImg from "./assets/Baldosa.png";
import semillaImg from "./assets/Semilla.png";
import arbol1Img from "./assets/Árbol 1.png";
import arbol2Img from "./assets/Árbol 2.png";
function loadImage(url: string): Promise<HTMLImageElement> {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
let img = new Image();
img.onload = () => resolve(img);
img.onerror = (e) => reject(e);
img.src = url;
export const assetUrls = {
botonJugar: botonJugarImg,
larreta: larretaImg,
fondo: fondoImg,
edificios: edificiosImg,
jugadorx: jugadorxImg,
baldosa: baldosaImg,
semilla: semillaImg,
arbol1: arbol1Img,
arbol2: arbol2Img,
export type Assets = { [key in keyof typeof assetUrls]: HTMLImageElement };
const assets = Object.fromEntries(
Object.entries(assetUrls).map(([name, url]) => [name, loadImage(url)])
export async function loadAssets() {
const imgs = await Promise.all(Object.values(assets));
return Object.fromEntries(, i) => [Object.keys(assetUrls)[i], img])
) as Assets;