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Aspirationally, a set of helpers
to simplify working with Git LFS through Isomorphic Git.

== Installation

Peer dependencies:

- Isomorphic Git ^1.7.0
- @aws-crypto/sha256-universal ^2.0.0

== Usage

As of 0.1.6, API offers the following functions:

- `downloadBlobFromPointer({ http, headers, url, auth }, lfsPointer) => Buffer`
where `http` is an `HttpClient` as supported by Isomorphic Git,
URL is repository URL
and `lfsPointer` is an object returned by `readPointer()`.
Uses cache, if the object had been previously retrieved.

- `uploadBlob({ http, headers, url, auth }, buffer) => LFSPointerInfo`
where first argument is the same as for the download function,
and returned pointer info can be used to write a pointer file in place
of actual object in Git repository (pass it through `formatPointerInfo()`).

- `readPointer({ dir, gitdir, content }) => LFSPointer`
where `dir`, `gitdir` behavior mimics that of Isomorphic Git,
and `content` is a `Buffer`.

- `readPointerInfo(buffer) => LFSPointerInfo`
reads a properly formatted LFS pointer within a Git repository.

- `formatPointerInfo(lfsPointerInfo) => Buffer`
converts pointer info to appropriately formatted blob
suitable to be stored in Git repository in place of actual object data.

- `populateCache(workDir, ref?)`
where `workDir` is a path to working directory,
and `ref` should probably be left at the default `"HEAD"`.
NOTE: Very tentative API.

== Known shortcomings

- Works in Node runtime only
- @aws-crypto/sha256-universal peer dependency is unnecessary.
If were Node-only we can probably achieve the same using Nodes `crypto` module,
and if not we should place it in actual `dependencies`.

== Considered within scope

- Implement batch uploads and downloads (parallelise requests? use native batch API?)
- Find a way to generalize UA header handling
- Make it work in browser runtime as well (if feasible?)